Why Use a Professional to Sell the Home

A real estate agent is not required to sell a home. There are home owners who decide to sell the properties by themselves. Most do so to save on commission fees. What these owners do not realize is that, even with fees, they are more likely to come away from the sale with higher financial gain when a professional agent is hired. It may also take less time to get the home sold than if selling it yourself.

Harder than It Appears

There is more to selling a home than placing a sign on the lawn that indicates “For Sale by Owner” and includes a contact number. The benefits of using an experienced agent begin before the home is ever listed. Initial conversations about the current condition of the property, what desired outcomes are from the sale, and if the seller is willing to make any improvements has a great deal to do with the asking price. The agent can do a valuation of the property as-is and suggest pricing, or recommend changes that will increase the value and raise the asking price.



Agents have experience marketing homes to potential buyers. Sellers are not likely to have any experience. Presenting the home in the best light, attracting serious buyers, and placing the home on listings for multiple agencies are critical for selling a home. Agents can get things accomplished by means to which sellers will not have access.

Including features and details about the house and property give buyers a better idea of what the house is like, and whether it will suit their needs. That not only attracts serious buyers, it limits the number of people viewing the house. Lake Minnetonka homes for sale are luxury homes. Many people will want to view them out of curiosity and not a desire to actually buy them. That is a waste of time for sellers, and something an agent can eliminate.

Selecting an Agency

Most homes sold by professionals sell quicker and for higher profit than those sold by owners. Researching the success rate, home prices, and average days homes remain on the market of an agency will make selection easier. Sellers in the Lake Minnetonka region will want to see The Bartikoski Group numbers before selecting an agency and see the results thirty years of experience produce. The substantial investment in the property over the years will provide a higher return when sold by a professional. Save time and stress, as well as make a bigger profit, by seeking the services of an agent.

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